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Dr. Rubinow’s work is dedicated to better understanding the metabolic effects of nuclear receptor ligands including sex steroids and retinoic acid.  Obesity, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes are all characterized by altered circulating levels of estrogens and androgens in both men and women. Further, sex steroid deprivation increasingly is recognized as an important risk factor for the development of metabolic disease. Thus, either excessive or inadequate exposure to sex steroids can promote metabolic dysregulation, but the mechanisms by which changes in sex steroid exposure contribute to obesity and diabetes remain poorly understood. Dr. Rubinow’s research is focused on the ways in which sex steroid exposure influences facets of cardiometabolic health including body composition, insulin resistance, and lipoprotein metabolism. Her current research efforts include a clinical study examining the effects of perimenopausal estrogen replacement therapy on HDL composition and function.  In collaboration with Dr. Nina Isoherranen, PhD, she is also investigating obesity-associated changes in systemic vitamin A metabolism.

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Katya Rubinow, MD
Katya Rubinow, MD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rubinow did her undergraduate work at Harvard University and subsequently received her MD from the Yale School of Medicine. She completed the Internal Medicine Residency program at the University of Pennsylvania and thereafter moved to Seattle for fellowship training in endocrinology at the University of Washington. Dr. Rubinow pursued her research training under the mentorship of Drs. Stephanie Page, MD, PhD, and Karin Bornfeldt, PhD. She completed her fellowship in 2012 and now serves as an Associate Professor in the Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology, and Nutrition. Her inpatient and outpatient clinical efforts are centered at Harborview Medical Center, and she performs translational research in metabolism at the UW and UW-South Lake Union campuses.

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