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APPROXIMATELY 29.1 MILLION PEOPLE IN THE U.S. have diabetes, a common and deadly disease that, in addition to disrupting the body’s metabolism, attacks the heart, eyes, nerves and kidneys. The disease is becoming a pandemic; over the past several decades, the number of people with diabetes has doubled, and it will likely continue to increase. Unfortunately, diabetes treatments are often not as effective as we would wish. In fact, many patients receiving treatment continue to have elevated blood sugar levels and the serious health problems that accompany diabetes. There is a pressing need for comprehensive care and effective new strategies to treat and prevent diabetes. The new UW Medicine Diabetes Institute (UWMDI) is poised to achieve both of these goals by uniting world-class diabetes care specialists with leading-edge diabetes researchers. We request your support in this important work.

Our Vision: Collaborating Under One Roof
Because diabetes affects nearly every part of the body, a multidisciplinary approach to the disease will be the most effective in developing treatments and cures. That is why we have created the UW Medicine Diabetes Institute. The UWMDI builds upon UW Medicine’s extensive foundation of diabetes research expertise, detailed in the sidebar, as well as our providers’ superb work with patients at the Diabetes Institute Clinic. Today, researchers and doctors work together, so that patients benefit from state-of-the-art research, and researchers benefit from meeting and understanding the needs of patients and families. That said, we are capable of even more. With the UWMDI, we will take this synergistic interaction to a new level — by bringing research and patient care together in one facility.

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UW Medicine has the potential to change diabetes care in our community and around the world. The UW Diabetes Institute  fully integrates state-of-the-art diabetes care with deep expertise in clinical and basic science research.

We know the results will be lifesaving and life-changing, and we invite you to support the institute: to help the millions of people who have — or who are at risk of having — diabetes.

To learn more, please contact Kelly Oswald, senior director for philanthropy, at 206.685.5412 or at Thank you very much for your interest in our work.

Kelly Oswald, MPH
Kelly Oswald, MPH

Senior Director for Philanthropy, UW Medicine Advancement.