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DOCE Researcher Joshua Thaler, MD, PhD Receives AHA award

Dr. Joshua Thaler (MTE) has been awarded a Beginning Grant-in-Aid Award from the American Heart Association entitled “The Role of CNS Inflammation in Insulin Resistance and Diabetes”. This two-year project focuses on the potential contribution of high-fat diet-induced inflammation in the hypothalamus on susceptibility to insulin resistance.

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DOCE Researcher Vincenzo Cirulli, MD, PhD Receives ADA award

Dr. Vincenzo Cirulli (MTE) has been awarded a Basic Science Award from the American Diabetes Association entitled “Adhesive and migratory cues for islet cells”. This three-year project focuses on the function of a neural protein named Slit-2 that his team has found to be expressed in the developing pancreas, and that appears to function as a migratory cue for pancreatic ductal cells marked by the expression of the progenitor marker Sox9.

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