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UWMDI senior fellow, Dr. Leticia Sewaybricker, lead author, and Dr. Ellen Schur, is senior author on article published in International Journal of Obesity.

Dr. Leticia Sewaybricker, senior fellow, is lead author and Dr. Ellen Schur, associate professor (General Internal Medicine) is senior author of: “Salience network connectivity is reduced by a meal and influenced by genetic background and hypothalamic gliosis” in the International Journal of Obesity. DoM co-author is Susan Melhorn. Read Article

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UWMDI investigator Ellen Schur receives NIH-NIDDK award

Dr. Ellen Schur, associate professor (General Internal Medicine) has received funding from NIH-NIDDK for her 5-year project, “Impact of hypothalamic gliosis on appetite regulation and obesity risk in children.” Dr. Schur will partner with Seattle Children’s Hospital and Johns Hopkins University to conduct a multi-site longitudinal cohort study to discover if hypothalamic gliosis is associated

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